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Flying to and from Siberia just got easier

By The Siberian Times reporter
03 January 2013

A new agreement between two of Russia's major airlines will open up new possibilities for linking Siberia to destinations all over the world.

The deal signals the growth of massively redeveloped Vnukovo as a world class international airport. Picture:

UTair is a Siberian airline that has gone global with passenger and charter flights to 30-plus countries worldwide. Transaero - also in the top three in Russia - is seen as one of Russia's most ambitious and go-ahead companies. 

Now the airlines have signed a pact on fare deals via Vnukovo Airport in Moscow.

'Passengers of both airlines will now be able to take advantage of special through fare rates for connections at the new Terminal A at Vnukovo to dozens of cities in Russia, the CIS, the US and Western Europe', said a Transaro statement. 

UTair - with a main Siberian hub in Tyumen - already operates a strong network of flights to and from Siberian cities and the new deal on through fares will mean passengers can link to any Transaero flight from Vnukovo.

'Combining the route network potentials of Transaero and UTair, already the leading flight operators at Vnukovo Airport, creates an extraordinary level connecting flight opportunities in the interests of the majority of passengers using the airport'.

'Today Transaero operates flights to 13 destinations from Vnukovo, including St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Astana, Almaty, Tel Aviv, Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Pardubice, Barcelona and Vienna. 

'In the near future, Transaero will launch flights to New York, Miami, and Frankfurt, as well as to destinations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine from the airport. New domestic routes will also be included in this route expansion, the first of which will be to Novosibirsk.'

Vnukovo Airport and Transport Clearing House are also participants in the multilateral agreement. The deal signals the growth of massively redeveloped Vnukovo as a world class international airport competing with Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports in Moscow.

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looking at the 'warmest/coldest' temperatures on your website, with coldest being -47 i wonder why would i want to go to Siberia now!
Steve, Amsterdam
03/01/2013 21:41

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