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'Baikal tributaries drain an area the size of Britain and France combined'

High-speed rail line could link Russian Far East to China in only an hour

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15 February 2015


The 250km/h link could cut the current five-hour car journey to just an hour or so by train, and help drive new business and tourism between China and Russia. Picture: Bvehk

The Russian Far East could be linked to China by a high-speed rail line that would slash journey times and boost cross-Border economic ties. Officials in Beijing are keen on building a new network across the north-east of China, with a connection from the manufacturing city of HunChun to Vladivostok. 

The 250km/h link could cut the current five-hour car journey to just an hour or so by train, and help drive new business and tourism between the two countries.

Located on the border of China, Russia and North Korea, with a population of 250,000, HunChun enjoys a strategic location with the city strong in the development of sea food processing, electronics, bio-pharmacy and textiles.

MPs in China's Jilin region say a new rail network would open up the area, with officials in Russia's Far East now interesting in attracting investors to the project.

Jiang Chaoliang, the head of the Jilin administration, said: 'The region should increase the level of external openness and speed up the building transport corridors linking Jilin with neighbouring countries.'

During a recent session of the People's Representatives, Chinese officials said that cooperation between HunChun and Vladivostok, 180km away, was now 'very active'.

The new rail line would allow China to 'explore the area of Tumangan River on one hand with the quick development of the Russian Far East on the other hand.'

It was also noted that 1,000 Russian tourists visit HunChun every day, and more than 200 Russians permanently live in the picturesque city. Jilin MP Jin Shogen said a link to Vladivostok would help expand trade and economic relations with the Russian Far East.

In Vladivostok, officials confirmed the high speed rail network had been discussed at a meeting with the Governor of the YanBian-Korean district of the Jilin region.

Evgeny Kozub, media spokesman for the Vladivostok city administration, said: 'The Governor of the YanBian-Korean district has discussed this matter with the major of Vladivostok. But it is hard to say anything before we start making real plans.

'Of course we do want to see that an investor is found and the link is built. We all definitely understand the importance of this project.'

Igor Pushkaryov, the Mayor of Vladivostok, and his Chinese counterpart have already signed an agreement on cooperating throughout 2015.

In particular, the YanBian-Korean governor is interesting in building a ring road in Vladivostok and a bridge of the Amur gulf to Peschany Island, since the ventures would help increase the amount of cargo between the regions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been vocal about increasing ties with China and other Asian countries, and if the high-speed railways gets the go-ahead, twinned with an upgrade of the Trans-Siberian Railway, it would see quicker links between Moscow and China.

Last year it emerged China is keen on expanding its railways, roads, and shipping routes to give faster connections across Asia to Europe. Officials in Beijing announced a $16.3billion fund to finance construction of a mega trading highway that would revive the centuries-old Silk Road route.

Comments (4)

It's great news for the people of these 2 countries. Now they can travel within hour to one-another country. Really, i am happy to know this. By:
Ryan, Asia
17/03/2015 20:49
Its quite interesting to here 250km in 1 hrs, but what will be the fare price of the tickets. Our Indian government is also looking toward bullet trains but their prices will also cheap so every common man can also enjoy his journey. You can also check our India Railway Pnr Status website
John Martin, India
04/03/2015 17:51
Russian mindset is quite different than Chinese. In China, time is of the essence, Russia on the other hand is just like USA, we sit on our high horse until tragedy strikes, then we wish we acted sooner.
Jack, US
17/02/2015 04:52
It is an interesting step even at 180 km/h. If the cost is too high for 250, with 180 km/h it would be enough.
Enrique, Spain
15/02/2015 14:31

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