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Museum of Happiness

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15, 1905 Goda Street, +7 905 934 93 57, Novosibirsk,  happymuseum.ucoz.ru

Organised in 2009 by a family of Irina and Yuri Dryomin, The Museum of Happiness quickly became popular for ‘the feeling of pure joy it leaves you with’, as visitors say. 

The owners of the museum travel the world to gather the items, symbolising happiness to people of different cultures. There is a collection of ‘German Happiness’, along with the one for France, Russia and Kazakhstan. 

There is a separate collection called ‘Children Happiness’, with some carefully selected toys from 1970-1980s. 

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Pictures: mumuka.livejournal.com

Comments (2)

In this day and age, a "Museum of Happiness" is lucky to even have one exhibit.
Doc, US
24/01/2018 17:16
I hope to return again and this looks like a great place to visit
Patricia A. Gothard, Laguna Woods CA USA
17/09/2017 05:30

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