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'The 3am stop at a remote station miles from home is a moment you will remember for the rest of your life.'

Warm welcome from Siberians for mysterious space visitor

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24 November 2013


'We will never understand the British unless we comprehend why Doctor Who is so popular'. Picture: The Siberian Times 

A special film 'The Day of the Doctor' was seen in almost 100 countries including a number of cinemas from the Urals to the Pacific. The simulcast plot involves a Time Lord starring Matt Smith who surfs the centuries in his Tardis spaceship, in reality an old fashioned 'police box', once a familiar sight on British streets. His famous adversaries Daleks and Cybermen featured in the show as did a K-9 robot dog.

We caught up with Siberian fans of the phenomenon at a Novosibirsk party ahead of the screening, which took the audience back to the 16th century as well as into the future. 

Student Maria Yakushkina, 22, who leads a Siberian Doctor Who fan group said: 'Our society has existed for three and half a year, usually attracting about  20 people. But today we're getting many more and in our internet community we have people from other Siberian cities and even the Urals.

'This is a special day, our most significant event. I just couldn't sleep last night with excitement'.

It is rumoured that in the Cold War, a KGB spy told his superiors in Moscow: 'We will never understand the British unless we comprehend why Doctor Who is so popular'. Today it is attracting a new audience, including here in Siberia. 

Doctor Who Siberia

Valentina Kostina, 21, a student from Novosibirsk, Siberia. Picture: The Siberian Times 

Psychologist Lyudmila Beloyar, 31, said: 'When I was riding here in the metro today someone shouted to me 'Happy anniversary, doctor!'. It's so nice, that people remember!'

Valentina Kostina, 21, a student, 'It's great we have such event, and an opportunity for us in Siberia to celebrate this with the whole world.'  

Maria issued an invitation to worldwide Dr Who aficionados to come to Siberia, saying it it no longer stuck in the Cold War time warp. 

'Please come here, don't be afraid. You will find people who have much in common with you who understand all about daleks.

'We'll be really happy to meet you.'

Comments (2)

Doctor Who, was a very popular TV show with young russians, The young russian male students all had a crush on "ROSE" .Hmmm won't mention names, but one young russian wanted a huge Poster of Rose for Xmas
So I managed to order such an item for him , alas I think there were just too many fanatical young russian Doctor Who fans who were working as postmen , da da It never arrived ,ha ha but hear the rest ------- He did receive the "Screw-driver " so all ended well. Motto of the story , Rose just can't get there ,ok
Patrick .
Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
27/11/2013 13:55
didn't know this old fashioned craze gone as far as Siberia!
Peter, Asia
25/11/2013 11:04

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