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'The possession of Siberia's natural wealth has become vital in determining Russia’s position in the world'

No global warming in Siberia, Donald Trump?

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21 November 2016


'The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.' Picture: Vse42

The Arctic district of Verkhoyansk, one of the coldest in habited places in the world, recorded a temperature of 19.2C on 18 November, some 19C above average. 

The district is in Yakutia, also known as the Sakha Republic, and in parts of the Arctic north of this region temperatures are even more surprising.

In the village of Olenek on the same day weathermen recorded minus 5.1C, a record warm. In the remote port of Tiksi, it was only minus 3C. 

In Chukotka, on the Arctic shore, a November record was registered of a remarkable 4C, with a daily average of 20C milder than usual. 



In Chukotka, on the Arctic shore, a November record was registered of a remarkable 4C, with a daily average of 20C milder than usual. Picture: @anna_bondar92, @herrgavs

The director of Wrangel Island Nature Reserve Alexander Gruzdev has reported that the entire autumn saw unusually warm temperatures. 'This year we have abnormal situation - autumn was very warm,' he said. 

US president-elect has famously stated: 'The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.'

Still, the latest weather is not consistent with Western Siberia and the Urals facing extreme cold. 





Abnormal warmth recorded on the Arctic north-east when Western Siberia and the Urals facing extreme cold. Pictures: The Siberian Times, @matador_gt, Natali Vakorina, Daria Pavlutskaya

Abnormal cold was registered in Omsk region, for example, between 14-20 November, with a low of minus 33C, and a daily average some 10C below typical ranges.

The night of 21 November saw minus 50 in Ulagan, Altai Republic,  with roe deer approaching houses in search of food. 

Abnormal was cold also recorded in Tyumen, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Krasnoyarsk regions. In Tyumen region, some schools were shut due to the extreme low temperatures. 

Comments (12)

Jet streams and HAARP!
Sjell, Antartica
27/12/2016 00:52
Died laughing at:
"When the Nothern Hemisphere gets warmer, the Southern gets colder. How's that hard to understand?
pete wagner, Maryland US22/11/2016 07:59"

Also I'm curious to see what they find in Antarctica, I bet it's classified and censored right now because they found ancient treasures, possibly advanced ancient technology, or aliens. Some weird stuff has already melted out of some really old ice.
sm, usa
02/12/2016 00:00
Please stop dividing intelligence by countries... intelligence is divided by, intelligence, and sensibility. There are all walks of life, in all walks of life. I wonder if too many people rely on their government to make changes and decide to live differently, but too, many people seem lazy in the mind, and would rather not face the truth. Propaganda works on many levels, and it is such a travesty that economic law has superceded natural law. En masse, individuals need to break away from the status quo of a society that banks on selling products to appease ego and complexes in the mind. Stop buying products that need to be thrown away, stop needing so much energy... live a life without disposable materials, and expect a harmonious relationship between one's actions and biology. Do it on your own, for the sake of the truer aspect of natural law. 'Trump corruptive mindsets, by not feeding the fire of purchasing this terrible lifestyle. Love life!
L. Bailey Jean, Los Angeles, Caifornia, USA
30/11/2016 00:59
The bottom line is that humans are responsible for every human behavior and its impact on our entire planet. Thank you to everyone taking care of and protecting our entire environment and every eco-system. The stereotypical American attitude is very shameful so thank you to the people who understand that not all Americans are stereotypical. We just spent a week in Mexico and met many wonderful people who are working very hard to stand up for Mexico's environment. We all share the same struggles around the world with greed and corruption.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
27/11/2016 19:46
Gruzdev comments on the temperature on Wrangell Island, was warmer than last year. But in 1866 the temperatures were far warmer. The United States Board on Geographic Names stated that Wrangell is

spelt with two letter l's, viz., "Wrangell" and not just one l.

Wrangell Island was placed in Alaska by a board at the United States Deparment of the Treasury on May 17, 1884,

which Major Ezra W. Clark served on as its attorney on the same day that President Chester Arthur signed the Organic Act for the District of Alaska. Clark was the author of that Organic Act in December, 1883, as a request of

then Senator Benj. Harrison.
Mark Seidenberg, Aliso Viejo, California, USAt
27/11/2016 17:36
Pete Wagner --- Nope. I just checked the temperatures for Tasmania; these remain normal.
David B. Benson , Pullman wa USA
26/11/2016 06:03
The most frightening thing about the warming Arctic is the area of about two million kilometers of methane being restrained by the warming Siberian shelf, as the area gets warmer, the ability of the frozen material to retain the billions of tons of methane is going to fail. The methane will begin to release in large unstoppable quantities, a highly flammable material to be sure, planes fly through the methane clouds and the engines suffocate and stop running, more and more often. Suffocation can occur at as little as 5 percent concentrations to most animals, humans included.
When the methane begins to be released, on a truly large scale, over a wide area, the world itself will change forever when there is a source of ignition, should it be a flash of lightning, or something else, all it is going to take is one time to ignite all of it. Methane burns hot, at over 500 degrees C. The area on fire, will need twenty times the amount of oxygen to continue burning, and the fire, will burn for centuries.
Things are very near to the point of no return.
bernie, 30 degrees North, 90 degrees West
25/11/2016 22:05
Not all Americans are stupid and unaware. Seems like a majority are currently. The planet is changing rapidly and beyond our control. We are caught in a world economy that is highly dependent on petroleum and on future petroleum production. Carbon fuel consumption continues to rise, and will continue. It is very unlikely to change for decades. If the developed world switched to renewables, the developing world will increase demand as the price of oil and coal fall. My personal hope is that Thorium based energy production kicks off. That coincides with rare earth mineral production, but again, the world's financial markets are based on securities backed by carbon fuel futures, and nobody is ready to write that off.
Roger , Astoria Oregon
25/11/2016 08:58
Americans are the stupidest people on Earth. They believe anything told to them. Our media is bought and paid for. Climate change isn't real because the media says so. NASA climate research is now going to be defunded. Meanwhile the planet really is heating up, dramatically.
JR, Amerika
24/11/2016 05:50
well, if it is convenient for the Americans, it was the Chinese or the Russians who did it. a sad state of affairs they have.
Benedikt, Moscow
23/11/2016 10:00
Peter, comprehension an issue. ?

The irregularities are due to the jet stream distortion caused by the heat in the Arctic and Arctic oceans

We are facing a different climate which will never be constant for long, challenging times ahead
Abel Adamski, Melbourne Aust
22/11/2016 18:29
When the Nothern Hemisphere gets warmer, the Southern gets colder. How's that hard to understand?
pete wagner, Maryland US
22/11/2016 07:59

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