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Poacher fined $155,000 for illegal hunting of 6 endangered tigers, and 46 bears

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02 February 2017


Evgeniy Romanov proudly displaying a dead Amur tiger. Picture: Moskovsky Komsomolets


The poacher was ordered by a court to reimburse damage to the environment caused by the killing of rare birds and other animals, including 6 Amur tigers, one of the most endangered species. 

Police had discovered extraordinary evidence of the Nakhodka man's illegal hunting, including the tiger skins, body parts of no less than 34 Himalayan - or black - bears, and a dozen brown bears, all endemic to eastern Russia. 

In a refrigerating container was found 4 dead Steller's sea eagles, a cinereous vulture and a mandarin duck. The trawl included 7 spotted deer.

The raid on Romanov's premises was on 8 April 2012, but only now is the poacher punished. He has been described as an 'influential businessman'. A picture shows him proudly displaying a dead Amur tiger. 

A criminal case against him failed in 2015 after the legal expiry of the criminal investigation, but instead civil action as taken resulting in this week's 9.3 million fine from the Primorsky region court.

Tiger skins

Tiger skins


Bears paws

Bears paws

Parts of bodies

Police had discovered extraordinary evidence of the Nakhodka man's illegal hunting, including the tiger skins, body parts of no less than 34 Himalayan - or black - bears, and a dozen brown bears, Steller's sea eagles. Pictures: Pavel Fomenko, OTV Primorye

Since his poaching exploits, the Russian laws have been tightened and - for example - the populations of Amur tigers and even more endangered leopards are now rising.

There are genuine hopes both species will survive in their native habitat, after coming perilously close to extinction in the wild caused substantially by illegal hunting. 

Olga Zherebkina, senior legal expert of the Amur branch WWF Russia, said: 'It is the largest fine for causing damage to the environment paid by a poacher in Primorsky region.

'In this sense, the decision makes history for environment legislation. But the scale of the crime is massive: nature lost 6 tigers and many other wild animals. 

'There were all the legal grounds to fine the guilty individual and it is important that the court panel on civil cases took that into consideration. Only the inevitability of punishment can stop poachers and preserve rare species.' 




Evgeniy Romanov was detained in Nakhodka in 2012, but only now the court made the decision. Pictures: OTV Primorye, The Siberian Times

Sergey Aramiliyev, director of the Far Eastern branch of the Amur Tiger centre called for further tightening of the law. 'We are working on that with our partners,' he said. 

Pavel Fomenko, head of the Amur branch of WWF Russia, and an honoured environmental protection worker, said: 'We have been talking for quite a long time about fraudulent poachers easily avoiding criminal liability because of the expiration (of investigations).

'There are a number of examples of that. Apart from this Nakhodka case, there was a scandalous incident in Arsenyev in the same year, 2012. A reseller managed to avoid criminal liability when 8 tiger skins were found on him. 

'In our opinion, it is necessary to reconsider this legal standard and increase expiration date for illegal hunting and trading rare animals.' 

Comments (23)

As idiotic and dumb this Eduardo troll is, one must realize writing comments expressing outrage is not sufficient, we need to get funds and personnel to protect the natural world. If you do nothing but express outrage, then nothing is done. Donate to WCS/WWF to protect these distinct taxa and true hunter gatherer cultures, as well as archaeological sites and geologic areas.
Amala, Daiqing Gurun
08/02/2022 09:16
This man is a total fool. They should do what ancient Romans did, throw him into a ring of starving tigers and bears let them decide his fate and if they spare him he should be thrown in prison for life with the fine.
Brian, Lagos, Nigeria
07/09/2020 21:11
I’m not seeing a problem with this person?
Bruce Haynes, London, UK
18/06/2020 12:28
Poachers of any Flora & Fauna of none endangered species life in prison. Selfish Poachers of any Flora & Fauna that is listed as concerned status or endangered, Death and all their properties, businesses and funds go to the species poached conservation organizations. Leaving remaining family members with absolutely nothing. This is hard to accept but is the only true answer or we will lose all species.
Jim Rodgers, Fayetteville, Georgia USA
02/12/2019 00:51
i think at lest 15 years in jail
brilee, tennese
14/12/2018 08:42
This man should've been arrested for what he did to all of these species. Almost all of them are at least threatened and some are even critically endangered. These animals need to be helped by humans, and we need to take it upon ourselves to take the perspective of a savior and think how we would feel if we were going extinct.
Turtle T, Germany
16/10/2017 16:23
Shoot bears and tigers with camera's, not guns! I would love to set up a camera trap to see these majestic animals and use this asshole as bait!! Life in jail in a siberian prison for this bastard!
Bart, Holland
19/05/2017 22:34
Tiger poachers must be congratulated by their work to exterminate those useless and coward animals that kill humans
Eduardo Garder, Rio Brazil
21/03/2017 22:47
I have NO merci for the poachers,for Evgeniy Romanov life in jail ! with the fine.
Tatiana, U.S.A.
05/03/2017 08:30
Вячеслав, Москва
06/02/2017 18:24
Poachers are among the lowest forms of life. Death is a suitable punishment, not a fine that he is laughing at.
Jimmy Nuetron, Toronto, Canada
06/02/2017 09:11
A man (without spine) like him, should be closed up in a in a cave in a chaine and through the key away.

It`s a shame that he can get away so easely with these horrible facts.

Yvonne Gustavsson, Stockholm Sweden
06/02/2017 03:33
What a POS
River, Sarasota, FL, USA
04/02/2017 13:05
SAD!! These majestic creatures are not here for someones trophy case. If this continues we will loose them forever. Makes me sick to my stomach that someone thinks it is ok to kill an animal like this. He should be put in jail with a lot more of a fine & band of any rights to guns again. I would love to see him shot & skinned. I like what one person said lock him up with the animals & let them get justice.
Holly, USA
04/02/2017 06:35
This is cruel and should not be allowed.
Katya adamkiewicz, United states
03/02/2017 23:14

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