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Flying to save the rarest big cat in the world

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01 March 2017


The impressive muzzle of the big cat appears on the nose of the Boeing which will be used to fly to popular foreign holiday destinations as well as Russian cities. Picture: Rossiya Airlines

The initiative is to highlight the campaign to save the animal, of which only 80 or so currently exist in the wild. The impressive muzzle of the big cat appears on the nose of the Boeing which will be used to fly to popular foreign holiday destinations as well as Russian cities. 

While the species is recovering - in recent years there were as few as 30 of the animals in the wild - the leopard's future is by no means guaranteed. New controls on hunting, and the setting up of the Land of the Leopard National Park, have aided the fight against extinction.





Staff have nicknamed the 777 Leoplane - in Russian 'Leolyot'. Pictureы: Rossiya Airlines

The leopard is more vulnerable than the endangered Amur or Siberian tiger which also faces a battle for survival. The project was implemented in cooperation with NGO 'Far Eastern Leopards'.

Staff have nicknamed the 777 Leoplane - in Russian 'Leolyot'.

The Leojet has been named Ussuriysk, a city in the Primorsky region of eastern Russia, close to the natural habitat of the leopard. Its maiden flight will be from Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia's Pacific capital. 

Rossiya Airlines is a daughter company of national carrier Aeroflot. 

Comments (7)

Awesome article! I love flying, airplanes & wild cats... It is so unfortunate that in 2017 we will have this going on. However, we still kill each other petty things; oil, diamonds and exotic animals, why? Because 98% of mankind's' time on planet earth we have been hunter-gathers'. Such a pity!!
Art Liebsch, Omaha, NE United States
01/05/2017 07:31
I'm so glad that environmentalists are beginning to make a huge difference in Siberia now. For so long it became one of the last places on Earth where those psychopathic "trophy animal" killers could still go after we kicked them out of most of our countries. In BC, Canada they just reduced the species which could be taken or the number of animals which could be murdered and, of course, greatly increased the fees. Funny how the list of psychos who want to kill such beautifu animals is still just as long as it was before the price increases and the speies allotments. Seems it's just the BC Gov't that makes any money from this now.
People: Do NOT visit BC in Canada until the fiinally put a complete stop to this cruelty except aboriginals who live off the land and use the animals for food. Stay away!
Erik Bosma, Mission, BC Canada
14/04/2017 11:38
Well ... it's just an idea and the almost extincted leopards have to be first anyway, but ... maybe after a while they could do a second plane with the face of an amur tiger?
Not too soon, let this one fly for some months or a year, get the money ready for the next picture, these paintings are expensive and it will have to be a surprise like the leopard.
Eva Schulz, Wenns Austria
13/03/2017 09:51
They eat anything,garbage disposal of the world !
Sabina, Long Island. U.S.A.
05/03/2017 08:18
Dear Russian people, your wildness is the greatest treasure of your country. Be happy and proud of this beauty, protect and save it for the next generation....
Sonja, Ormoz Slovenija
04/03/2017 13:14
land this plane every where... let them know that the tiger is almost extinct. Land it in China and Korea and let them know anyone poaching or found with animal parts or eating these animals will be banned from traveling.

I think its funny Asian people eat animal parts that will cure them of give them powers... THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC you fools... Save the tigers.
Grant Hibbs, Delta BC Canada
03/03/2017 04:40
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
02/03/2017 07:12

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