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They say emergencies bring out the best in people

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05 January 2013


Humanitarian aid from the Tyva capital Kyzyl included food, warm clothing, 'potbelly stoves' and money - they were used to supply heaters, mineral water, and foodstuffs for the local residents as well as repair brigades who worked in exceptionally hard conditions. Picture: The Siberian Times 

In minus 40C, a succession of problems left their homes dangerously cold and most were evacuated while emergency stoves were supplied to the rest. 

The regional and federal authorities made strenuous efforts to get over the crisis, flying in emergency supplies, though the repairs to the local power station are still not complete. Other regions offered help, for example Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleyev invited 100 children from the stricken settlement of Khovy-Aksy for a holiday at Sibirskaya Skazka recreation centre.

Yet the most heart-warming aspect of this crisis was the exceptional help given to the hard-hit residents by ordinary people making donations. People unaffected by the power cuts opened their houses to those forced to leave their homes.

Among the acts of kindness was the humanitarian aid collected in the Tyva capital Kyzyl, which included food, warm clothing, 'potbelly stoves' as well as money. The money was used to supply heaters, mineral water, and foodstuffs for the local residents as well as repair brigades who worked in exceptionally hard conditions. 

New Year presents for children were also bought with this money.

At the height of the crisis, Itar-Tass reported that 'fourteen sheep have been brought form the Ulug-Khem district. The OOO Oktyabrsky company, residents of the Iyi-Tal settlement, workers of the Solnyshko kindergarten, and entrepreneurs have collected food, clothing, and 5,650 roubles. Three forestry farms of the republic have sent about 35 cubic metres of timber to Khovu-Aksy'.

Meanwhile, in Kaa-Khem district, which had its own earthquake emergency a year earlier, residents collected 33,500 roubles 'and sent to Khovu-Aksy two stoves, 319.3 cubic metres of firewood and 70 cubic metres of lumber. 

'The Kyzyl district has sent 193,400 roubles, nine sheep, food products worth 41,000 roubles, five packs of electrodes, clothing worth 12,400 roubles, household cleaning products worth 1,300 roubles, as well as medicines worth 1,800  roubles. 

'Businessmen from Kyzyl have sent to the emergency settlement disposable dishes, sets of Christmas gifts for 165 evacuated children.'

And Tardan Gold, a gold-mining company, provided 14,000 litres of diesel fuel.

Often the news is bad or depressing - or seems so. 

As Russia celebrates Orthodox Christmas Day on January 7, it is nice to be able to report such positive news. 

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