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Hero snow leopard mother with four cubs pictured in Mongolia 

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12 November 2019


This picture was taken by a local wildlife photographer, explorer and tour guide Otgonbayar Baatargal

The snow leopard with four healthy looking cubs was noticed by Mongolian shepherds who co-operate with local WWF in an effort to study and protect the endangered cat. 

This brilliant image was taken by a team member of WWF Mongolia, who told The Siberian Times: ‘The mountain where we saw the four cubs is several hundred miles away from Mongolia’s border with Russia.

'The four cubs were observed from a safe distance as they played, slept and stretched under the sun while mother was away hunting.’

Hero snow leopard mother with four cubs pictured in Mongolia 

Hero snow leopard mother with four cubs pictured in Mongolia 

Snow leopards normally bear one or two cubs, rarely three. Picture: WWF Mongolia

Another picture was taken by a local wildlife photographer, explorer and tour guide Otgonbayar Baatargal, who was lucky to catch the moment of the mother resting with the cubs.

Snow leopards normally bear one or two cubs, rarely three. 

To see a mother with four cubs, and to be able to watch them relaxing in natural habitat was a true gift, said specialists of Mongolian WWF. 

Hero snow leopard mother with four cubs pictured in Mongolia 

Hero snow leopard mother with four cubs pictured in Mongolia 

Hero snow leopard mother with four cubs pictured in Mongolia 
Wildlife photographer, explorer and tour guide Otgonbayar Baatargal was lucky to catch the moment of the mother resting with the cubs. Pictures: Otgonbayar Baatarga

This is the second confirmed case of a snow leopard having such a big litter.

The first one was recorded by WWF Mongolia’s photo traps in September 2016. 

Comments (19)

Very beautiful cats.
d w, Canada
24/01/2020 04:44
What a very humbling experience with an awareness check of the subconcious being brought back home. Without question will an encounter in the wild with a wild soul prop us upright and reconnect us to the aliveness of nature
and quiet our minds.......Very lucky Ghost cat encounter, in awe.
d w, Canada
24/01/2020 04:36
Snow leopard conservation is only possible by active participation of the local communities. The picture of adorable cubs with their mother is awe-inspiring. Thanks.
Raacho Trekkers, Kibber/India
31/12/2019 13:50
Fluffy cubs are adorable! great mum.!.Thanks to protect them but not give the position of this snow leopard family please. Good work photographer.
Jocelyne, FRANJOU
17/11/2019 18:25
Many thanks fort the photographer and the local preservation system. I hope we will able to save this inestimable animals. We are planning to journey to the Mars, the leopards' preservation a similar importance case!
Gábor Debrődi, Hungary
16/11/2019 20:40
If these beautiful creatures ever become extinct then we humans deserve the same fate ,
14/11/2019 14:48
This is an inspiration. I love this story. I hope no location is shared so the family stays safe.
Katherine, United States
14/11/2019 07:35
I had the privilege of being part of a field research project with a scientist from Nepal and another from the USA which involved studying the habitat of the snow leopard in Hemis National Park in Ladakh (India) at 5.000 mts. in the Himalaya range. We never did see the animal itself, just a paw print, because in summer they usually go up to around 6.000 mts, to avoid the shepherds with their herds of domestic sheep and goats which forage on the mountains. It was quite clear that without the collaboration of the shepherds and local people, the Snow Leopard would be in danger and its safety depended on them. So excellent news from Mongolia and its amazing family of Snow Leopards - may they all live in safety in their natural habit and be protected from being turned into "natural medicine" in certain countries where are are no scruples.
Pamela Cooper Birch, Spain
14/11/2019 02:56
Bayarlalaa Otgonbayar Baatargal for sharing these amazing and treasured moments with this majestically beautiful creature Hero and her gorgeous cubs. What a priviledge...

I saw an exquisite documentry recently with this wonderful explorer and tour guide with two brothers who went back to attempt to film a mother with her cubs on a 7 day hike.

What struck me as so incredible and brought me to tears, is that over half of the Mongolian population are yes perhaps poor in monetary terms but as Buddhists would never kill or harm these snow leopards, in fact Buddhists are not permitted to kill any creature.

Even if the snow leopard would kill some of their livestock, ( as was shown in the documentary film) they allow it to do so without any retaliation and thus everyone lives in perfect harmony and peace with mutual respect and tolerance.

What a brilliant life philosophy; it could teach a good lesson to the part of the worlds population who live in hatred and greed.
Anonymous, Switzerland
13/11/2019 23:44
Let them live, no need to show them as we humans are good at destroying everything.
Reza, Baltistan
13/11/2019 21:48
Awe inspiring! Well done Mongolia, just shows what can happen when everybody works in harmony. X
Sharyn Duncan, New Zealand
13/11/2019 14:33
Was fortunate enough to see a mom and 3 cubs in the Himalayas. If I'd died then, I would have died happy! What a phenomenal sighting the photographer had. Seeing something at rare and beautiful at this in the wild, is like a benediction.

I hope sharing their beauty encourages more conservation efforts and funding for protection.
Jacqui Thompson , South Africa
13/11/2019 14:08
What a lucky siting and excellent camera work. This Mother has her work cut out for her.
Kathy Moore, California, USA
13/11/2019 11:03
NEVER show or give away even the remote location where the pics were taken. scum poachers who know the country for sure will be there in next to nothing. and i hope the rangers have the right and - shoot to kill- if they apprehend such scumbags. I do understand - they are poor-, - they also have to feed their families -. But i think it is just plain greed that makes them doing it...
MORAK Benedikt, Moscow
13/11/2019 08:20
Excellent photo! This is such good news -- congrats to all involved!
Rodney Jackson, Snow Leopard Conservancy
13/11/2019 06:26

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