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'Lake Baikal: the very name fills Russian hearts with awe'

Leading young Russian scientist takes charge at Vector virology and biotechnology complex

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09 September 2016


Recently Dr Maksyutov headed the laboratory of diagnostics - and the repository of DNA - of the variola virus. Picture: Leader ID

The complex is at the forefront of efforts to find cures and antidotes to the most virulent diseases. It is one of only two places in the world that holds stocks of eradicated smallpox.

Recently Dr Maksyutov headed the laboratory of diagnostics - and the repository of DNA - of the variola virus. He also performed the duties of Vector deputy director for scientific work. 

He is the author and co-author of more than 70 scientific papers, and his doctoral thesis was entitled 'An experimental DNA vaccine against smallpox and other human orthopoxvirus infections.'

He is also involved in the research into cures for breast cancer, and the search for an HIV vaccine. He graduated from Novosibirsk State University in 2003, and received his PhD in 2010. 

His father, Amir Maksyutov, also works at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR, and is researching cures for breast cancer. The institute has been working on an Ebola vaccine to fulfil an order from the Russian government. 

Comments (2)

As Jaker says, his C.V. is very impressive and so I also wish Rinat well in this new appointment. Nature seems to be preparing to attack humans via an onslaught of viruses across the entire spectrum of ancient (re-awakening) to new (Zika). I have no doubt that research info the formation of viruses as a potential path to unlocking the secret to preventing as well as curing them is already part of the Institute's plans. I look forward to more articles about what you are learning. In the meantime, please eat healthy and protect your immune system everyone.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
12/09/2016 00:13
Can he tackle the awakening virus's first that are arising from the dead of the past; that should be his first step for the "Future"!

If he's a good as his C.V. says, I would like to wish him well in his new appointment.
Jaker, Dundalk
10/09/2016 09:11

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